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Weingut Daniel Twardowski, Pinot Noix, Moselle, Germany

Weingut Daniel Twardowski, Pinot Noix, Moselle, Germany

Daniel Twardowski is a young winemaker that has decided to tackle the challenge of making Pinot Noir wines in the German banks of the Moselle river. The Pinot Noix winery was founded in 2011, its name inspired by playing on words between “Noir” and “Noix” (nuts in French).

Since the early years, the vineyard cultivated by Daniel Twardowski under the Pinot Noix name is slowly growing to reach currently around 3 ha for a yearly production of 4000 bottles. The vineyard named Hofberg is a Grand Cru appellation located in Western Germany on the sores of a tributary of the Moselle river called Dhron by a village of the same name.

Wine(s) tasted:
* Pinot Noix Ardoise Spätburgunder 2016 (November 2019): This ruby wine has a charming nose of ripe cherries. Its mouth is velvety and elegant, with aromas of cherry and wood berries followed by light sensations of minerality. A long lasting-wine that showed its qualities compared to other well-known Burgundy wineries (Roumier, Hudelot-Noellat, …) visited during the same tasting event.

Producer: Weingut Daniel Twardowski, Folzerweg 20, 54347 Neumagen-Dhron, Germany
Appellation(s): Mosel, Germany

Weingut Daniel Twardowski, Pinot Noix

Weingut Daniel Twardowski, Pinot Noix

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