Wine Tasting Reviews from Switzerland and the World: Red, White, Rosé, Sweet and Sparkling
Wine Reviews

About the Wine Taster

I am an amateur of wines living in Switzerland. Besides wines and wineries from Switzerland, I can reach in a half-day drive or less nice wine producing areas like Piemonte, Alsace, Burgundy, Beaujolais or the north of Côtes du Rhône. In addition, I have good relationship with wine importers from Switzerland where you can also feel the influences in the foreign wines available due to large Portuguese and Spanish communities. I drink (partially ;O)) maybe 100 bottles a year and taste around 300 more wines at wine tasting events or drinking by the glass in restaurants.

The following criteria are used to assess the price of the wines in their country of origin:
Low >=$10
Medium $10-$25
High $25-$50
Expensive $50+