Fabienne Cottagnoud, Cave des Tilleuls, Vétroz / Valais, Switzerland

Under the direction of winemaker Fabienne Cottagnoud, the Cave des Tilleuls in Vétroz is a small winery that cultivates a vineyrard of four and a half hectares. Vétroz is the emblematic village of Amigne grape in the Canton Valais, Switzerland.

Fabienne Cottagnoud’s philosophy is to live in harmony with nature and the earth, an evidence that shapes her daily work in the vineyard and in the cellar of the Cave des Tilleuls in Vétroz. The Amignes de Vétroz constitute the heart of the production of the Cave des Tilleuls, whether in a dry version or those made with vine-dried grapes that meet the requirements of the Grain Noble ConfidenCiel association. However, you should not forget to taste also the red wines Fabienne Cottagnoud such as the Carminoir, Diolinoir and Merlot that are cultivated in the vineyards of Vétroz and Conthey.

Wine(s) tasted:
(May 2019)
* Fendant de Vétroz 2018: white fruits, minerality, crisp
* Petite Arvine de Vétroz 2017: yellow fruits, butter, almond, hints of salt at the end
* Amigne Clos des Perdrix 2016: smoky perfumes, almond, quince, crisp
* Amigne Flêtrie de Vétroz 2015: honey and apricot perfumes, balanced body with elegant sweetness
* Red Bulles (sparkling wine): charming nose, elegant bubbles, red fruits aromas
* Merlot de Vétroz 2015: cherries, sometimes with hints of jam, elegant body

Producer: Fabienne Cottagnoud ,Cave des Tilleuls, Route Cantonale 174, 1963 Vétroz. Switzerland
Website: http://www.fabiennecottagnoud.ch/
Appellation(s): AOC Valais

Fabienne Cottagnoud ,Cave des Tilleuls, Vétroz
Fabienne Cottagnoud ,Cave des Tilleuls, Vétroz
Fabienne Cottagnoud ,Cave des Tilleuls, Vétroz
Fabienne Cottagnoud ,Cave des Tilleuls, Vétroz

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