Pinot Noir Reserve Halde Chur 2015, Cottinelli

The Pinot Noir Reserve Halde Chur is a red wine produced in the Graubunden area of Switzerland by the Cottinelli Weinbau winery, a member of the Plozza Wine Group. This 2015 vintage color is a dark ruby. The wine offer scents of dark cherry with chocolate hints. The mouth is wide and long-lasting. It is dominated by charming fruity aromas of red cherry and berries, some light tannins being noticed at the end. This wine was the best Swiss Pinot Noir at the 2017 edition of the Mondial des Pinots competition organized by Vinea.

Producer: Cottinelli Weinbau, Karlihofstrasse 11, 7208 Malans, Switzerland
Web Site:
Origin: Graubunden
Grape varieties: Pinot Noir
Price range: medium
Tasting date(s): February 2018

Pinot Noir Reserve Halde Chur 2015, Cottinelli

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