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Lalalu Rosé 2017, Inconnu Wines

Lalalu Rosé 2017, Inconnu Wines

The Lalalu Rosé is a rosé wine produced by the Inconnu Wines winery in California from the Mourvèdre and Merlot grapes harvested from a single organic vineyard. The 2017 vintage has a strong pink color with some orange in it. Its nose provides a charming perfume of red fruits and light red flowers (roses). The mouth of the Lalalu Rosé 2017 from Inconnu Wines is crisp and fresh, medium-bodied, with aromas of red fruits (gooseberries, strawberry) and melon. Medium finish.

Producer: Inconnu Wines, 1614 Sixth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710 (Winery in Napa)
Web Site:
Origin: Contra Costa County, California, USA
Grape varieties: Mourvèdre, Merlot
Price range: Medium
Tasting date(s): July 2018

Lalalu Rose 2017, Inconnu Wines

Lalalu Rose 2017, Inconnu Wines

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